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In my spare time I raise awareness for rescue animals and fundraise for the organisations that help them.

Here are their stories.

Normally when I share stories of rescues, they have already found a loving forever family. However, Hunter here is still waiting. If you, or anyone you know, has a space in their family for one more, please consider this loving boy. He has been with 'Chained Dog Rehabilitation NZ' for 4 years and is one of their longest visitors. Chained Dogs is a non-profit organisation that helps abused and neglected dogs to heal and learn what life is like off a chain.
Hunters story started chained up in a back yard, forgotten and neglected. A dog attacked him while he was tied up and unable to get away. Due to the extent of his injuries, he was brought into the care of Chained Dogs on Christmas Eve 4 years ago. Staff say he is a complete honey, loves his food, a good run, and is a giant lap dog. Help get the word out for this boy who desperately deserves a loving forever home. 
If you are unable to adopt but would like to help, you can donate to Chained Dogs by the link here.
Meet Bubbles! Bubbles had a rough start in life, being severely abused and shot in the head at only 6 months old. Luckily she was rescued and adopted by her now forever family. Thanks to the compassion of her owners, she got to experience love for the first time as a puppy.
I have decided start raising awareness for rescue animals like Bubbles and animal welfare organisations. I will be drawing more rescues to share their stories, and I have also started an online fundraiser for the SPCA Annual Street Appeal. Any donation would make a huge difference to the lives of animals in need! [Fundraiser has now closed. Follow my Facebook or Instagram to keep up with future competitions I will hold to support the well-being of rescue animals.]
I would also just like to acknowledge Houston Pets Alive who rescued Bubbles and are aiming to make Huston the largest no-kill city in America.
This is Cricket. He was born from a breeders with a cleft lip, crooked jaw and one eye. Because of Crickets deformities the breeder was going to kill him. She didn’t want her buyers knowing that breeding practices led to various genetic issues or that the animals had too many litters without a recovery time. Crickets now-family heard this story from a friend who was buying a dog from the breeder, and went to rescue him immediately. He was malnourished and had no vaccinations when they got him, but he is now a happy and healthy adult thanks to his kind-hearted family! 
If you would like to win a free A4 Portrait of your pet, my SPCA Fundraiser is open until this Friday for donations. Thank you!
[Fundraiser has now closed. Follow my Facebook or Instagram to keep up with future competitions I will hold to support the well-being of rescue animals.]
This happy pups name is Scooty! Before this wide smile, she was a street dog in Mexico and was hit by a car at 6 months old. Scooty suffered broken hips, back, rib, several breaks in her tail and huge infected wounds. She was left to struggle on the streets before ending up in a horrific hoarding situation. I have seen some of the photos of Scooty when she was first rescued and they were not easy to look at. However, thanks to her rescuers and the patience of Scootys family, they flew her home and gave her round the clock care. She was fully paralysed, but can now wobble and has her own doggy wheelchair to help her run. I think Scootys expression says it all!
This beautiful boys name is Squish. In 2016, he was only 4 months old when he was found as a stray and taken to an animal shelter. His deformities were a result of intentional blunt force trauma, abuse that left him blind in one eye and unable to open his mouth to eat. He was in so much pain that the decision was made to euthanise him. The fractures to his skull were so severe that as he grew his jaw would continue closing, even after attempts to open it.
However, thanks to the efforts of his veterinary specialists, which included his future owner, Squish was adopted. This meant he was able to undergo the multiple surgeries needed to save and improve his life. Thanks to this team, Squish was able to feel love for the first time as a puppy. He is now able to chew on tennis balls, play tug-of-war and eat dry food with the best of them. 
While I researched Squishes case I saw the photos from before, during and after his surgeries. I was astounded that through all the pain the young pup endured, he remained inquisitive, trusting and even managed the occasional waggy tail. 
Since finishing my SPCA Fundraising Competition, I have missed sharing rescue animals and their stories. So I will be drawing more in between commission work, in an attempt to raise awareness and share some inspiring stories! Because who doesn’t love a comeback kid 
A tribute to ANZAC Day:
Lest we forget. 
ANZAC day is a good time to remember all the human sacrifice, but also their four legged friends. Animals gave companionship, loyalty and light to soldiers that faced only darkness. Dogs saved thousands of lives by locating wounded soldiers on the battlefield and warning the camps of incoming gas attacks. They were also a loyal companion for soldiers during combat. Cats were often found on ships as a mascot to boost morale. Pigeons were crucial for communication and surveillance, even carrying cameras to capture aerial images. Of course, the animals most associated with war are horses and donkeys, used for pulling heavy artillery, transportation and cavalry units. They were often seen as key to the soldiers survival. Of the 10,000 horses that left New Zealand in WW1, only 4 came home. The men who did return were devastated that their best friends were not returning with them. A red poppy to honour soldiers, and a purple poppy to represent the animals. I thought I’d share this recently commissioned Kiwi I drew as remembrance for the Kiwi soldiers.
“They trusted, they followed, they fell. 
They saved lives and lost their own.
True selfless hero's in a man's war. 
Our hearts will never stop breaking for them”
Meet Destiny! This lovely girl was a stray until her family adopted her. She was so starved the muscles in her head had wasted away. However, I’ve seen her before and after photos and the change is amazing. There is so much happiness in her eyes in the second photograph. Destiny also has an autoimmune disease called Masticatory Muscle Myositis, which causes her head to atrophy. She is absolutely perfect and a brilliant example of how some love can change a rescues whole world. I would also just like to say thank you to the people who have donated to my SPCA fundraiser so far, every little bit counts and I am so grateful! 
Thank you so much to everyone who donated to my SPCA Fundraiser! All proceeds went to helping animals in need and the winners of the competition have been contacted! To celebrate I thought I would share Maggie’s story, whos life was completely dependent on being rescued. This is a particularly hard one. Maggie was shot 17 times, likely used as target practise, and had her ear cut off. She was found already blind after her eyes were shot out. For a while, no one knew how many bullets she had in her, or the extent of her injuries, and she was taken to a pound where she didn’t do very well. Eventually, her photo was posted online where a woman called Roxana saw it and was determined to help her. She raised money for surgeries and flew Maggie to her new foster home, which quickly became her forever home. I share her story to acknowledge the families and rescue organisations that go the extra mile for an animal in need. After all the cruelty Maggie has suffered, she is still the sweetest and most loving girl. She now enjoys walks, playing with toys and getting lots of cuddles like every dog should
Back in March 2020, a couple were driving along when they saw a little black and white pup running across the highway, narrowly avoiding tractor trailers. They swung around and found her roadside where Birdie greeted them quite enthusiastically. After calls to local authorities and some diligent searching, they managed to find her owner, only to have that owner toss little Birdie back into the car, insisting they didn’t want her anymore. The couple weren’t able to keep her, so they reached out to my friends and friends of friends, until they found a loving family with two other dogs to foster her. Here is a snippet of what Brianna wrote about her and Keiths foster experience:
'Our intention was to get her all up to date on shots, get her spayed, and find a good home for her, but within the first 10 minutes of meeting her, she pressed her little muzzle into my neck and sighed this big ol sigh and Keith looked over at me and said “Oh boy....”
Once we saw how madly in love she was with Bucket and Dagwood, we were done for.
And so folks, whenever you see Birdie on here, I hope you’re reminded of an incredible chain reaction of kindness that got her to us.'
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